Sick Tree and Disease Prevention and Treatment

We understand you may already have a sick or diseased tree on your hands, and it is not too late to get treatment! If you are concerned about the many environmental factors in Fort Worth and the combination of those factors with common fungus issues, you are on target! Most of these issues can be avoided altogether with prevention by ensuring you have a healthy tree. When trees are under stress, they are increasingly more susceptible to illness and disease. Does your tree have enough sunlight? Does your soil have the supportive nutrients needed to keep your tree healthy? What about drought conditions and your tree health? Or even flood conditions? The more trees are exposed to any one of these items, the weaker the tree becomes, and it becomes more at risk for tree illness or tree disease. Trinity Forest Tree Care Service offers extensive knowledge from tree experts who are also Fort Worth natives, and we have treatment plans available for sick trees and tree disease prevention. We can even help you understand the care and environmental requirements for your trees so you can ensure you do your part to keep them healthy and ensure they provide you and your property value for years to come.

Sick Tree Diagnosis

Our tree experts at Trinity Forest Tree Care Service bring years of study and practice to the table when you need a sick tree diagnosis. Oftentimes, the cause of sick trees is a combination of things, which can include stress, environmental factors, watering issues, soil propagation, and other elements in your landscaping.

Common causes of sick trees and tree disease in Fort Worth include fast-spreading fungus infections such as oak wilt, fungus in shade trees including hypoxylon canker, wounds to your trees, brown rot, white powdery mildew, insects, and leaf spot.

At TFTCS, we can assess your sick tree, diagnose and treat your tree in a way that will be beneficial to it and the entire ecosystem of your yard. We offer expert advice and recommendations for your tree care, can accurately predict problems that may arise in the future with your sick tree, and even assess future growth patterns with your tree.

Sick Tree and Disease Prevention and Treatment March 25, 2021